Lady Gaga’s Lifestyle; What you Learn From Her For your Health.

Lady gaga's health concerns and fears and what you learn from her for your health lifestyle. Not your ordinary mega-star, lady gaga is the queen of pop. There are several things I have learnt from her style that we should adopt for our health and general lifestyle. Having won many awards, in various settings and performing worldwide, she is the both a trending topic and a trend setter in the social and entertainment circles.

Do not fear controversy.

She has mastered the art of capturing the masses by being controversial. Being controversial is not necessarily doing bad things, it is doing things other people are afraid of doing or do not do at all. You see, lifestyle diseases are a result of inappropriate choices both in diet and in living. The reason these diseases are highly prevalent is because people are always doing the same things that others are doing even though they know the effects. Lady gaga does not follow the industry routine; she does what she wants and what she knows she has to do to make it. She is not afraid of dressing controversially and living it too. What we should do is take a bold step and start eating differently, the healthy, whether attractive or not, foods. Ordering whole grains and vegetables while your friends order fast foods is a simple and bold step to health success, you know it but you are just peer pressured or tempted by inappropriate choices.

Never get comfortable.

Lady gaga does not settle just because she won a few Grammy awards, she goes back and works even harder than before. The challenge with majority of people is that they have health goals to attain. For those who actually pursue them, they do what is required; work out or eat right. After they achieve their goals, they assume they will forever remain as fit as they are. No! Do you know why a person you once knew was so fit every one aimed to be like all over sudden become fat and unhealthy? It is because of being comfortable. This makes you lazy and unproductive. It makes you not to move forward, to stagnate in the position you are in. Lady gaga finds new ways to move forward, become a head ache to her competition. Just because she is far ahead of them does not make her relax and wait for them so she can continue on. We should challenge ourselves with new things if we have accomplished what we had set for.

Know your strengths and deal with your weaknesses.

What are you comfortable with and what are you not? Identifying this makes achieving health all simpler. Identifying what healthy foods do not cause any reactions and allergies and produce the best results in your body helps you out in dieting. If you are working out, identifying which physical exercise program you are comfortable with helps you avoid injuries and produce the best of results. Lady gaga has consistently worked on her strengths; her voice, her performance style, her communication with her fans among others. Her unique approaches to empowering her strengths have greatly formed the basis of her success story. What are some of your strengths and what are your weaknesses? If you are good at following routines, a weight loss can be easily achievable, if you are not; come up with different style of exercising that will keep you excited. As much as you should try and work on eliminating your weaknesses, take more time improving your strengths. Read, research, acquire all the knowledge you need to attain a healthy lifestyle. Lady gaga spends time in studio practicing, working on improving her act, what are you doing?

Avoid unnecessary noise.

With the status that comes with such a mega star, lady gaga is loved and hated in equal measures, but she does not mind. What the media writes about her, what people talk about her, she is still comfortable under her skin. What do you think of what people are saying about your health and your attempts to achieve a healthy lifestyle? If you are thinking then, you are already doing it wrong. It is your health and unless it is positive critic, nothing else should matter. Do not let calls of discouragement or false encouragements derail you from finishing your health program. Having your own self motivation and belief should help you navigate the unhealthy lifestyle. It is not easy, yes, but, it is in trying that you get to discover more of yourself. Lady gaga does not mind if you think you are better than her; she will probably tell you, okay, stick to your game and I will play mine how I know best. Do not compare yourself with others; rather, compare your goals with your achievements. What do you want to attain and what are you doing and how far deep are you in it.

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