4 Mental Illnesses Related To Sleep.

The right amount of sleep for each day is around 7 to 8 hours.

However, some people can’t sleep this much because of a mental illness.  Here are the 4 most common mental illnesses associated with sleep:4 Mental Illnesses Related To Sleep.

1)    Insomnia

The most popular sleep disorder of them all is Insomnia.  It involves not being able to sleep properly for at least 1 month.  This sleep disorder causes emotional and mental stress to the person.  This usually does not occur during the duration of another mental disorder.  It is also not picked up due to the person taking drugs.  The person who suffers from this disorder would usually spend the night partying and drinking beer since she can’t sleep anyway.

2)    Sleepwalking Disorder

During the first third of the sleeping episode, the person would suddenly rise up and walk.  This is a dangerous disorder as the person sleepwalking could even bump his head into the closet, trip over in the bath tub or even fall down in the stairs.  If one or more of those things happen then it could result in a major injury to the person suffering from the mental illness.

This is why it should not be an underrated illness but it should be something that should be taken care of immediately.  Upon awakening, the person could not remember what happened to him and the person who woke him up is going to have to tell him that he was just sleepwalking.  At first, the person would probably not believe that but the evidence in the house would show otherwise.  One thing that could be done here is to put up a CCTV to make the person not suffer any injury.

After several minutes of being awakened from his sleep, the person would show confusion about what happened.  It causes stress in occupational and other areas of functioning.  It is never due to the person taking other forms of medication.

3)    Nightmare Disorder

This is when the person would wake up repeatedly from the sleep with horrible nightmares usually involving threats and survival.  After awakening, the person becomes alert as opposed to being confused in other sleeping disorders.  This is not due to the person taking any form of vitamins and other forms of medication.  The nightmares do not occur during the occurrence of another mental disorder so these things should not be confused with one another.  It is also not a side effect of any medicine you are taking.

4)    Nacrolepsy

Nacrolepsy is when cataplexy and rapid eye movement occur.  It can be possible that both can occur at the same time or only one will.  The disturbance is not due to the effects of a drug substance or another medical condition that the person is experiencing.  Cataplexy is the sudden loss of muscle tone which could be due to intense emotion.  The rapid eye movement is caused by weird unexplainable hallucinations either in the beginning or end of the sleep.





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