4 Main Treatment Methods in the Common Alcohol Rehab Programs.

The effect of alcohol devastates the lives of many people and causes trauma to their families. Fortunately, there are many alcohol rehabilitation centers designed by doctors and medical specialists to solve the problem of continual increase in the number of people addicted to alcohol. Alcohol rehabilitation facilities have come a long way in the past few decades and many alcoholics have started realizing the need for seeking help.

4 Main Treatment Methods in the Common Alcohol Rehab Programs.Alcoholism is a widespread problem, but many people tend to plainly ignore it until it develops into alcohol dependence and invades their lives completely. Different methods of treatments are applied by the rehab centers to help the patients overcome alcohol dependency. Depending on the condition of the alcoholic, the rehab center provides suitable treatment with a detailed treatment approach. Here are some of the methods applied in alcohol rehabilitation centers.

Detoxification Treatment

The first method used in traditional alcohol rehab is detoxification, which is usually applied for people who have been intoxicated for too long. This process can take 3-7 days to complete and involves a comprehensive internal cleansing of the person’s body by use of prescription drugs.  These medicines help to reduce the urge that the patient has for alcohol and to depress severe alcohol withdrawal.

The aim of detoxification is thus to maintain abstinence on the patients by decreasing the craving for alcohol. The process can be harsh to addicts especially on the initial stages, as it can produce withdrawal symptoms which can be potentially life-threatening. However, there is no need to worry because the alcohol rehab centers are staffed by qualified medical professionals who can assess and deal with harsh alcohol withdrawal symptoms experienced by the patient.

Behavioral Modification Therapy

Behavior modification is used to change behavior of the patient through behavior change techniques that include positive and negative reinforcement. This process seeks to stop the negative behavior of alcohol addiction and replace it with a positive one. This is where the victim is taught the importance of admittance towards alcohol rehabilitation. The patient needs to admit openly that they indeed have a problem.

Subsequently, the patient is helped to understand that they can do without the alcohol they are addicted to. At this point, a reputed alcohol rehab center always tries to solve various problems. The patient is helped to understand that substance dependency is a waste of time and there are other important things to rely on such as education, personal abilities, skill, family members and the like. If applied properly, this method can help the victims to live healthy, wise and a drug free lifestyle.

Individual and Group Counseling

These are two effective methods of alcohol addiction treatment regarded as useful in a number of cases. Counseling is meant to help the patient function better once they return to society. This program is ideal for individuals with impaired social functioning, longer histories of alcohol addiction or involvement in stern criminal activities. A good alcohol rehab clinic has a trained staff that guarantees quality individual help for patients while upholding an alcohol free environment.

This treatment process focuses on confidence building sessions once or twice a week, occasionally involving family therapy, group sessions and individual counseling. Through these comprehensive counseling sessions, the recovering victims are urged to talk about their fears and insecurities that drive them to take refuge in alcohol and drugs. They are also taught life skills that can help them battle their addiction to alcohol and handle their lives better.

New Approaches

Alcohol Rehab centers are increasingly slotting in formerly unrecognized holistic approaches to fight the patient’s feelings of vulnerability. Holistic Alcohol Rehab centers are now focusing on the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual aspects in an effort to deal with alcohol addiction. Some of the methods applied in holistic alcohol rehab clinics include acupressure, acupuncture, blood chemistry analysis, herbal remedies, physical fitness training, massage as well as meditation. All these are in addition to individual and group therapy as well as traditional spiritual counseling.

As a final point, several studies have shown that alcohol rehab is typically more successful if the patient’s family and friends are supportive. Although there is no perfect alcohol rehab method, the ultimate goal of rehabilitation is to provide a productive and self-disciplined life for the addict after the treatment is complete. This is the true measure of alcohol rehab success.

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