4 Green Initiatives Your Business Could Implement.

In the modern world there is continuous pressure for both our homes and businesses to function in a responsible manner by taking the environment into account at every opportunity.

However, whilst there has definitely been a shift in morals for some people; green initiatives are yet to be taken on by the masses. This is clearly something that needs to be addressed if we want to preserve our planet for future generations because if anything is going to change then it needs to be done on mass.

Whilst it may be quite a simple decision to make your home more eco-friendly; it can be a different story when it comes to the businesses we work in every day. However, things are changing and so here are four green initiatives that your company could look to implement.

4 Green Initiatives Your Business Could Implement. License: Creative Commons image source

At The Source –

Although you may be able to get a better deal by shipping your products in from all corners of the world you could look at changing this to take advantage of local suppliers in your area. Whilst it may put your expenditure up slightly this could be reflected in your prices as people are usually happy to pay a bit more for quality, local products. This could be anything from food substances to your stationery supplies but the fewer emissions that are created through getting the products to you in the first place the less this will impact on the environment.

Higher Performance Packaging –

Perhaps the biggest change that we have seen in recent years is that to product packaging. It is so important these days to attempt to reduce the amount of packaging that encases the products that we buy and make that which is still necessary recyclable. This is yet to happen on a large scale though and there is still plenty of room for reduction in the packaging that we use.

Businesses should look at being proactive in creating better solutions for product packaging to reduce the amount of energy that is used to manufacture them and the amount of materials that are needlessly wasted. One idea that has been created by tin manufacturer Tinware Direct is the Pressitin. This ingenious invention is infinitely recyclable and can be sealed without the use of a machine.

Turn It Off Schemes –

When working in an office or similar environment there are plenty of opportunities to cut down on your energy consumption. This could be anything from making sure the lights are always switched off when they are not needed to installing energy-efficient hand dryers in the toilets. Educating your employees about environmental issues is a good way to help them adopt these initiatives at home and at work.

Conscious Consumers –

As well as educating your employees it is also important to give your consumers every chance to be more environmentally conscious. Some examples of this are printing the recycling instructions on the back of your packaging so that consumers know exactly what can and can’t be recycled and providing them with bags for life instead of harmful plastic ones. Once your consumers start to understand the meaning of being green then they will appreciate your company even more for having these morals, thus growing your reputation.




Chris Mayhew has adopted many forms of green living into his life and has also taken this into the work place. He would recommend the Pressitin from Tinware Direct for any wholeslaer looking for a more responsible form of product packaging.

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