4 Dentists You’ll Be Happy You Didn’t Have.

Dentists often get bad raps, and studies often reveal them to be among the least beloved professions by the public.

However, the overwhelming majority of dentists are friendly, helpful doctors who only want to make sure the dental health of their patients (albeit, sometimes through less than comfortable means).

That being said, a few rotten apples can spoil the batch. Here’s a list of terrible dentists that will make you feel a lot better about going for your next cleaning.

4 Dentists You'll Be Happy You Didn't Have

4. The Dentist Who Removed All Her Ex-Boyfriend’s Teeth

If you’ve ever had a vengeful ex-girlfriend or boyfriend, this story is for you. Dr. Anna Mackowiak, a London-based dentist, reportedly sedated her ex-boyfriend Marek Olszewski and then proceeded to remove each one of his 32 teeth after he had dumped her only a few days prior for another woman.

After the procedure, the slighted sweetheart wrapped her boyfriend’s mouth with gauze so he wouldn’t realize that she removed all his teeth until he arrived at home. Though, this story was later reported to be a hoax by several sources.

I guarantee that this story will have you second guessing whether to see a former liaison to get dental work done. Besides, recently a 21-year-old Indiana man reported to have the same procedure done by his dentist (who admittedly, was not an ex-lover).

3. The Dentist Who Sexually Abused Female Patients

In 2007, a Washington state based dentist had his license suspended by the The Dental Quality Assurance Commission, after allegedly committing misconduct with a patient. Dr. Christopher Wodja was performing an after-hours dental operation for a woman with an abscessed tooth.

He reportedly instructed the woman to wear a see-through gown and remove all her underwear during the procedure. (Which for those unsure, is never a normal dentistry procedure.) When the woman’s roommates came to pick her up she was not coherent, and did not recover until the next day.

Surprisingly, Wodja had been previously charged with indecent assault, battery and kidnapping years earlier, when he picked up a young college girl in his car. He disclosed his conviction to the state board and was granted a dental license anyway. Though he might no longer be practicing, I’m sure most women would want to stay clear away from this dentist.

2. The Dentist That Dropped a Drill Head into a Woman’s Mouth

In Sweden, a 60-year old woman was undergoing a dental implant procedure when the drill head (known as “burr”) came loose and fell into a woman’s mouth. Though the woman initially tried to spit out the drill, she ended up swallowing it and the drill became lodged in her lung.

She was rushed to Västmanland County Hospital where doctors took an x-ray and retrieved the drill head using a small finger sized tube and pliers to dislodge the burr from the wall of her lung. The woman had to spend a month recovering from the mistake of this clumsy dentist who should’ve double-checked his equipment beforehand!

1. The Dentist Who Potentially Exposed his Patients to HIV

Earlier this year, it was discovered that Dr. Scott Harrington, a Tulsa, Oklahoma based dentist, was maintaining a dental office well below the regular health standards of the Oklahoma State Department of Health, most frightening perhaps being that over 7,000 patients may have been exposed to re-used needles that didn’t undergo proper sterilization processes, which would have put patients at risk of contracting diseases such as HIV and Hepatitis.

Thus far at least 60 patients have tested positive for either HIV or Hepatitis. As if this weren’t enough, Dr. Harrington had his dental hygienists performing treatments that only dentists are permitted to perform. Other complaints have been made against Dr. Harrington for reportedly treating wounds with excessive amounts of bleach, to the point that the wounds would reportedly “turn white.” Though he voluntarily gave up his license to authorities, Dr. Harrington is one dentist you’ll definitely be glad you didn’t have.

Dr. Robert D’Alfonso is the owner and practicing dentist at Lakeway Center for Cosmetic & Family Dentistry. A member of several Dental boards, he is committed to providing quality and patient-centered service (unlike many of the above dentists!).

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