3 Ways to Enjoy The Fall Months Outdoors

While many people love enjoying the summer sun and staying late on those warm nights to look at the stars or watch the sun rise, many people don’t take full advantage of how you can still enjoy the outdoors well into the fall. Just because the weather turns a bit colder doesn’t mean you have to spend all your hours indoors. But aside from classic fall outdoor activities like hunting, what can you do outside once summer’s gone? To help you stay active this fall, here are three ways to enjoy the fall months outdoors.

Capture Nature

Christina Scannapiego, a contributor to, shares that, in many areas around the U.S., fall is one of the most beautiful seasons to experience the outdoors in. So, to truly enjoy your time outside in the fall, Scannapiego suggests tapping into your creative side by capturing nature artistically. By setting up an easel or drawing in a sketchbook, you can create your own fall images that will remind you of the time you spent appreciating fall nature throughout the rest of the year. Consider going to an area you’ve never been so you can see the beauty around you with fresh eyes while you capture its essence in your art.

Get Moving With Your Dog

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In some parts of the country, the summer is just too hot for some dog breeds. This means that your dog likely spent a lot of time indoors keeping cool with the rest of the family. But luckily for him, fall is now here, which means time to run free in the outdoors!

According to Karen Pryor of, taking outdoor adventures with your dog makes him happy and well-adjusted, gets him good exercise, and provides a great source of mental stimulation. Not only this, but by experiencing things in nature with your dog, you build a stronger bond together. So if you have a dog who yearns to be free, try taking him on an outdoor adventure with you.

Set Up Camp

Camping doesn’t have to be just a summer activity, regardless of where you live in America. And according to The Wilderness Society, all it takes to enjoy camping well into the fall is a little extra preparation. Since it can get cold in some areas once summer ends, it’s a good idea to pack for colder weather by bringing a good sleeping bag, sleeping pad, and tent to keep the chill out. This is also the perfect time to break out your hot cocoa to sip on while you and your friends and family enjoy keeping warm by a roaring bonfire.

The fall months still have a lot to offer us outdoors. Use the tips mentioned above to continue experiencing the beauty of the world around you well into the next few months.

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