3 Tips for Readying Your Look For Fall 2016

With summer coming to a close, it’s time to pack away our bikinis, store those kimonos in the back of our closets, and get ready for some sweater weather. However, if you’re looking to be on trend with the current fashions for fall 2016, you may have to bring in a few new pieces as well as updating your hair and makeup for the coming season. So to help you make the right choices about your next fall look, here are three tips to help you get ready for fall 2016.

Show Your Hair You Care

After a summer in the sun, your hair can have some major damage inflicted upon it. This means it’s the perfect time to give your hair some TLC through deep conditionings, masks, and healthy haircuts.

Once your hair is looking cleaned up for fall, Carly Cardellino, a contributor to Cosmopolitan, suggests trying a new look with either adding length with extensions or changing your color. Adding warmer tones to your hair will make your coloring look a lot richer and true to the season. Try going for red or golden accents that will add dimension and luxury to your locks.

How To Style Your Hair To Suit Your Face Shape2

Fall-Inspired Makeup

While summer is all about gloss and shine with playful tints and barely-there shades, fall gives you a lot more options for darker, richer colors. Alexandra Tunell, a contributor to, shares that some of the makeup trends for this fall will push your boundaries and help you create unforgettable looks.

Some techniques Tunell suggests based off runways around the world include thick black eyeliner, dark red to black lipstick colors, glitter around the eyes and rosy cheeks. These styling choices lend themselves to dressing up or dressing down, so use this fall-inspired makeup liberally this season.

Dressing For the Weather

As the weather gets colder, your options for clothing expands. No longer do you have to worry about wearing less to stay cool and, at times, having to sacrifice fashion for comfort. In the fall, it’s time to layer up and wear the exact styles you want.

Nikki Ogunnaike and Justine Carreon, contributors to, share that fashion pieces like fur and velvet will be very in style this season. Try wearing ensembles that include metal detail work, choker necklaces and puffy coats and vest to show that you’re ready for fall fashion this year.

By using the suggestions mentioned above to construct your fall looks this year, you’ll be completely on trend in every area. Try out a new, rich hairstyle, darker makeup application and fashion styles straight off the runways to feel good and look great all season long.

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