3 Tips to Keep Your Home Pest Free

If you’ve ever had to suffer through a pest infestation you know how unpleasant things can get when besieged by critters. Being besieged by cockroaches or overrun by termites can drive you crazy. You may be afraid to walk into your kitchen for a midnight snack for fear of what you may run into.

In the case of a termite infestation you can suffer severe structural damage which may take a small fortune to fix. Follow these tips to keep your home pest free.


Pests like ants and other little critters are attracted to your home by food sources. Some of the foods are little morsels like crumbs that you forgot to sweep up in a timely fashion. In other cases the tiny insects that are drawn to the crumbs and other food particles are ant prey.

Keep ants out of your home by cleaning your floors and counter tops regularly. Sweep or mop your floors to keep your home clean. Scrub your kitchen counters. Clean up any spills that may attract pesky little critters. In most cases ants are only visiting your home due to the presence of a food source within your house. Clean your home to make it less attractive to pests.

pest-free-homeSpot Infestations Early

Be on the lookout for signs of an infestation. In the case of termites you’ll spot small mounds on the floor or perhaps you’ll note more holes in your floor or foundation.

Ants may be flooding your home in increasing numbers. If a colony of ants, termites or other critters seems to be taking over your house take the appropriate steps to rid your home of the pests.

Routinely check your home’s foundation for signs of termites. Look carefully around your home to spot any irregularities. You can usually stop an infestation before things get serious if you see warning signs building up when the pests first stop by your home.

Call Professionals

Call pest control services to deal with the problem quickly. Even if you have some experience getting rid of critters using homemade remedies or solutions found on the internet you have no idea how many pests are invading your home.

If you see one cockroach scampering around your kitchen floor in the early hours there are likely 5 more cockroaches hiding behind the walls of your kitchen. You have no idea if you have an infestation brewing under your floor boards or spread out through your foundation. Whether you spot a few bed bugs or a handful or carpenter ants making themselves comfortable in your home speak to a professional pest control service immediately to stem the problem before you become overwhelmed.

Professionals know how to handle the problem quickly, easily and safely. Although you may mean well by using your grandma’s homemade ant repellant solution you have no idea how some of these formulas will affect your pets, your flooring, or your family.

Call the pros to handle the problem.

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