3 Tips To Boost Marketing Success in Physiotherapy

With the increases in Big Pharma, it has become easy for people to just take a pill to cure what ails. It seems as though most everyone is content to apply a band-aid, and move along rather than address the source; treating the symptom and not the cause. In a nation of instant gratification, physiotherapy can be a bit of a challenge to market. However, by increasing patient and primary care referrals, bringing yourself into the age of technology, and a few well placed special offers, you can bring your physiotherapy practice into the next generation.

3 Tips To Boost Marketing Success in Physiotherapy


Establish partnerships.  This is a vital part of your success as a physician.  People are your lifeline, and a solid network of cohorts will help strengthen the foundation of your practice.  Word of mouth has never gone out of style.

Use paper mail and handwrite letters to local physicians to keep your name on their minds when referring patients outside of their own practice. Mass, pre-printed mail is impersonal and usually finds its way to the recycling bin.

Get in close with the local insurance agencies.  Many physicians shy away from dealing with the red tape that usually accompanies insurance companies, but once you have your “in” you will see that many of your referrals come from those companies.  People often look up what practices take their insurance, and your name will be more visible in this case.


Don’t hesitate to create a website or app to advertise your practice.  We live in a tech savvy world, and you must be capable of keeping up with such tactics.  Make sure your website is mobile friendly.  Studies show that 74% of all adults who use smartphones also use those phones to find information based on their current location.  If your website is mobile friendly, your practice will be easier to find and move to the top of that future client’s list.

Educate yourself on what mobile apps are available to assist you in educating your patients.  By doing this, you provide a fun and informative way to keep your clients fully informed.


For starters, you can circulate a free consultation through local coupon books.  You can also boost visibility by contributing an article to the local newspaper or newsletter about the different services your practice offers.  Finally, try hosting a free injury clinic.  Active people tend to acquire small injuries, but don’t necessarily book an appointment with their doctor.  This strategy provides future clients with a stress-free way to be introduced to your care.  You may also want to consider sponsoring a local athlete from your community each week as the “athlete of the week”.  This will cost no money at all, but will bring recognition within the community athletes in your area.

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