3 Practical Self-Defense Tips for Women: Must Knows.

Walking alone at night, drinking too much and dressing inappropriately are all things that women are taught not to do if they want to avoid being a victim of a violent crime. However, many attacks on women occur in broad daylight with no provocation from the victim.

This means that every woman should know a few ways to defend herself from a potential attacker. When women fight back, many attackers will simply give up and leave the woman alone.

3 Practical Self-Defense Tips for Women: Must Knows.The following three self-defense tips are provided to give all women a few practical ways to defend themselves from an attacker so they can avoid becoming a victim of a violent crime.

Trust Your Intuition

Some may call it instincts while others may call it powers of perception. Regardless of what a person calls it, every woman has the ability to put details together to come to a conclusion. If a setting or person does not feel right from the start, then it is most likely indicative of an upcoming moment of danger.

Therefore, if a person approaching on the street seems shifty, then it is appropriate to enter a building or move to the other side of the road to avoid a confrontation. While it may seem silly at first, many women report having sensed danger before a violent attack occurred. In many instances, simply following their intuition has been all it took for a woman to prevent an attack.

Create Some Distance

Many crimes occur in a crowd when a woman is distracted or unable to get away quickly. For example, purse snatchers often use the tactic of distraction by targeting victims in busy subway stations and shopping centers. When a woman is traveling in a crowd, it is best to keep her belongings in front of her where she can keep an eye on them.

Additionally, it is always okay to run to get away from a potential attacker. If a strange car pulls up next to a woman, it takes only a few seconds to pull her into the vehicle. In most cases, victims pulled into a car eventually become missing persons. Therefore, any woman facing a potential violent act should try to get as far from her attacker as possible.

Know a Few Moves

Sometimes, no matter what a person does to prevent an attack, one occurs. For this reason, every woman should know a few basic self-defense moves. Carrying pepper spray, a taser or other type of product can be effective. Additionally, a sharp jab to a vulnerable area of the attacker’s body, such as the groin or neck, can temporarily stun them long enough for a woman to get away.

When fighting off an attacker, it is important to hold nothing back. Kick, bite, scratch, and scream loudly in the hopes of alerting others that an attack is occurring. If enough of a scene is created, many attackers will give up out of fear that they will attract attention and get caught.

It is not necessary to know a lot of defensive moves. Instead, women should focus on just a few that can be used at various angles. Fending off an attacker from the front can be very different from defending against an attack from the back.

Knowing what to do in the event of an attack can make women feel more comfortable whether they are out in public or alone at home. Because most attacks on women are unprovoked, it is important to know what to do if the unexpected occurs.

Staying calm during an attack can be challenging, but it is important for being able to plan which move to employ. By trusting their intuition, placing as much distance between herself and the attacker as possible and by using a few well-planned defense moves, a woman can be prepared to defend herself against any kind of attack.

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