3 Easy Ways to Create a More Inspiring Workplace

A comfortable, well-lit and safe work environment increases job satisfaction by 24% and productivity by 16% according to a study by Vibe. Is your workplace environment lifeless and dreary? If so, it’s time to improve the look of your office. You don’t need to break the bank to create an enviable workspace. Even small changes can make your office or cubicle a more pleasant place to work.

3 Easy Ways to Create a More Inspiring Workplace

Small details can truly make the difference. For example, I created an inspirational office space with custom printing from (a professional online printer). Custom printing is an entertaining and cost-effective way to add a touch of your personality and embellish your office in an authentic way. Take a look at these three easy ways that can help you create a more inspiring workplace:

1. Customize Printed Materials

Printed materials give your office a personalized touch and can double as promotional tools for your business or position. There is a myriad of options to choose from. One of the most popular elements for offices are calendars; you can easily customize them based on your preferences and needs. (Click here to take a look at calendar printing options if you’re interested in making your own).

Turn the calendar into a goal planner: For each month of the year, choose one of your favorite places, cities or peaceful landscapes that you would like to visit someday. You can also try motivational quotes from business or industry leaders or business milestones that can be celebrated each month.

Apart from calendars, you can personalize mugs, mousepads and canvases with pictures you will enjoy to see everyday and can be a source of inspiration to motivate yourself. Your pictures can help you focus your thoughts on positive aspects of your life like your family, great memories, success stories and challenges to accomplish. If you’re a business owner consider using standard ones for decoration (mouse pads and calendars for example) and a few personalized items per team member -mugs are a great choice for that. Involve them in the process to inspire them as well!

2. Get a Plant

Having some plants or at least a tiny plant can instantly make your workplace less dull and can add some color and life to your cubicle, office or home office. Plants can help you decrease stress levels and remove negative energy from your workplace.

Plants can also help you clean indoor air and increase your productivity. A study from Exeter University shows that employees with access to a view of a plant are both happier and work better. So, if you haven’t got any plants at your office, consider getting flowers or plants to inspire your creativity.

3. Make Sure Your Have Proper Lighting

Natural light in your office can significantly improve your performance. However, if your cubicle doesn’t have window access, you may get a lamp to ensure you get enough light. Bear in mind that proper office lighting can help you avoid fatigue and create a suitable environment to perform your tasks.Find a lamp that complements your office décor.

Is your workplace dull? Transform it into a stress-free work environment that makes you feel motivated. Personalize printed materials, get some plants and have proper lighting. These aspects can help you set a more positive attitude at work.


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