21 Imaginative Ways to Improve your Kids Bedroom

There are lots of things you can do to improve your children’s bedroom to keep it under control and really make it their own.

You can play it safe or do something really amazing…the better it is the more time they will spend there! Let your imagination run wild, ask your child for some ideas too, they might have a theme in mind and this could be a great parent bonding task.

Here are some of our ideas to drastically change their bedroom for the better in no time, try them if you dare!

21 Imaginative Ways to Improve your Kids Bedroom

Be savvy with storage

Tidiness often goes out of the window once you have children and you can often feel like you are constantly clearing away toys that have been left out. Unfortunately this clutter can often make your house look a lot smaller than it is (not to mention messy) therefore storage is vital for a stress free environment.

There are many traditional forms of storage, however we have thought of a few unconventional ideas for you to maximize your room space without it costing too much.

  1. Planters aren’t just for the garden

Planters can usually be found in the garden with beautiful flowers in them. However, there is an alternative use for them and you would never guess what…clutter holders! Yes you heard it here, cuddly toys, books, building blocks they can all be stored in planters. This idea works great in a boy’s or girl’s room and you could even paint the planters different colours to make it feel themed.  Next time you are at the gardening store do not forget to pick yourself up a few of these.

  1. Sky high ceiling storage

Take the concept of storage one step further and look to the ceiling! This hanging basket system uses the empty space up high to store toys and clothing. The pulleys even allow the baskets to be moved around. This way your child can access their toys themselves. This ceiling storage concept is child friendly and fun who needs cupboards now!

  1. Personalize your shoe organizer

Think out of the box, a shoe organizer doesn’t have to be solely for shoes! Hang it on the back of a door and fill it with figurines. This is the perfect solution for making sure Barbie’s and Action men get a good night’s sleep.

  1. Recycle old skateboards

These skateboard shelves are great for storing things on. Get a few old boards from your garage or local store and use them to stack toys and books. Your child is sure to love this!

  1. Lock up your mess

Remember school lockers! We love this idea of bringing them into the bedroom and using old lockers to store items. You can even customize it to your taste by painting the doors different colours.

Enhance existing wardrobes

A bedroom would not be complete without some sort of wardrobe, however, they can often become dated. Here are some great ideas on what to do with your kid’s wardrobe.

  1. Add a touch of paint

It is no surprise that children grow out of things very quickly, clothes and shoes, bedroom. Whilst a pair of shoes can be replaced at a relatively low cost, a room on the other hand is not that cheap to alter. Which is why we love the idea of painting your wardrobe. It is relatively low cost and your child can choose the colors they wish to have.

  1. Secret pull out wardrobe

Are you looking for a wardrobe that is just a bit different? These pull out wardrobes are easy to make and create a futuristic feel to the room. We like the rail feature at the bottom to hang clothes on whilst the top shelf can be used to store shoes. Did we mention when closed you’d never know they are there? Making it secret!

  1. Removable rails

If you child is lucky enough to have a walk in wardrobe then this will serve them for years to come. Attach removable rails inside to hang your child’s clothes from. As your child grows you can replace the rails and convert the hanging space with next to no cost at all. Making this a perfect boudoir for years to come.

Create a themed bedroom

There are some things that you cannot avoid investing in when it comes to your child’s bedroom, quality of sleep and health. The bed is the most important place within your child’s room and you know better than anyone how important it is for your children to have a good night’s sleep. When looking to invest in a new bed, consider the décor as well. This is the perfect time to add a theme to a room. We have found some of the most creative bedrooms around to inspire you.

  1. Chalet bed

A room within a room…the Chalet bed! Wooden panels have been installed into this attic room to make the chalet bedroom. Can you spot these bunk beds with a difference? They have their own cut out windows and ladder to the top bunk bed.  They look great and a bonus as they even have lots of storage and a small play room. What child wouldn’t sleep well in this?

  1. Create your own Treehouse

Tree houses are usually found in your garden however, imagine one inside the bedroom.  Transforming your child’s room into a tree house would make you the best parent ever! Your child will have a magical tree house room, not to mention the vast space that will appear.

  1. Transform your bed into a truck

What boy wouldn’t like their very own truck as a bed? This is a super cool idea, might take a bit of work but the results are amazing and your child will be the talk of the school.

  1. Glamping in the warmth

Taking glamping to a new level! What kid doesn’t want to camp inside….every night?? This tent bed will allow your child to experience camping in the warmth and safety of your own home!

  1. Make a Lego room

A combination of creative thinking and elbow grease can transform you child’s room from something ordinary to something unique, dare to be different! Take a look at this for inspiration…a Lego wall! You child can build from floor to ceiling in this room and no storage needed for all your Lego!

  1. Turn your bed into an aircraft

Create a flying themed room, a great boys room for those born to fly. A great use of space enabling a spare bed underneath as well as a desk!

  1. Create a pretty owl room

Re create this beautiful owl room with wall decorations. Cut out pieces of felt to create a tree, leaves, flowers and owls. Stick this on to give you a lovely owl tree. This is a lovely idea for a girls room.

Let there be light

Light makes a room look bigger and feel better not to mention it keeps the bedtime monsters away. It is essential you have a bedtime light in case they get scared at night. Put some thought into it and have a good look around, here are a few of our favorites.

  1. Ice cream cone

The ice-cream cone lamp, looks good enough to eat. Create a candy theme in your child’s bedroom and add the ice cream light as the finishing touch.

  1. Cloudy the lamp

How cute is this cloud lamp? It sets the mood and you can move it around where ever you want. If your child can’t get to sleep put this on and it will settle them down, ensuring they have a great nights sleep.

  1. 18.Bird house lights

A great idea to tie in your decoration with the lighting. Doesn’t have to just be trees and bird houses, could be rockets in space or planets in the Solar System. These bird house lights are great for mounting on the wall. Customize them with paint and add glitter for a bit of sparkle.

  1. Pencil Lamp

Pencils are usually for the classroom or homework. How about this HB Pencil lamp, it projects a lot of light into the room. This is a great idea for a little creative one.

Every detail counts

It’s the finishing touches that will really make your child feel comfortable in there room.

  1. Chalk board wall

Love this Chalk board wall and works well for all ages. Kids can draw on the walls and it’s ok, no telling off from Mum or Dad.

  1. Climbing wall

Something to keep your active ones busy…a climbing wall. Fix this onto the side of a bed or even onto a wall. Your little ones will have lots of fun on this. Be sure to supervise them at all times.

When looking for ideas to improve your child’s bedroom consider storage, space, lighting and colour. Remember that every detail counts and getting your little one’s input will result in a happier, energetic child. So get your paint brush at the ready and get started.

Article kindly provided by John Day Decorators Ltd.


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