15 Advices For Building An Eco-Friendly Property.

 People are embracing the green movement for several good reasons. It’s not just about the environment and saving the planet. Many Eco-friendly improvements also make the home more energy-efficient, and that helps people save money in the long run.

Here are 15 steps you can take to make sure that you are building an Eco-friendly property that will make you proud.

1. Go Solar – The best time to go solar is when you are building the home. The converters and storage systems are easily put in place, and you will enjoy low energy bills from day one. You can even have the roof designed specifically for catching the sun’s rays and maximizing your savings.

2. Geo-Thermal is Smart – While the contractors are digging out the basement, you can also have them dig the trenches for a geo-thermal heat pump. Taking advantage of the stable air deep in the ground, you can save money on heating and cooling costs.

3. Smart Water – This is the time to get a better water tank. Either install a tankless system that will save water, or look at solar water heaters to benefit from some free energy.

4. Clever Designs – If you live in the north, then invest in extra windows. Let the windows bring the heat in during the winter to warm the property. In the south, try to situate the house to minimize south-facing windows and keep the heat out of your property.

5. Radiant Barriers – Radiant barriers are popular in attics to stop heat from migrating in or out of the home. They are easiest to install when the home is being built, so make the investment now.

6. Skylights for Illumination – Brighten your home and add ambience with plenty of skylights.

7. Save Water – When choosing fixtures, look for low-flow options like water-saving shower heads and toilets.

8. Free Water – While you’re looking at ways to save water, you can also find ways to get some free water. Have rain cisterns installed on downspout to capture rain water from the roof. You can then use this water to irrigate gardens.

15 Advices For Building An Eco-Friendly Property.9. Green Materials – Try to invest in green materials when possible. Use recycled lumber for studs, look at bamboo for wood flooring and opt for beautiful recycled glass counters.

10. Energy Star – When choosing appliances, windows and doors, insist on Energy Star products to reduce energy usage in the new home.

11. Spray the Insulation – Spray foam insulation is superior to other options because it fills every little crevice to effectively halt heat migration. Professional companies will come out and insulate the home before the drywallers are called in.

12. Minimize Maintenance –It’s not just about what goes into the house when it’s under construction. You should also consider how much energy will go into maintenance over the years. Choose maintenance-free products like fiber cement siding and metal roofs.

13. Metal Roofs – If eco-friendly choices are at the top of your list, then go for a metal roof. It lasts longer, can be recycled in full and will help you lower the energy bills.

14. Landscaping Considerations – Save on water in the future by choosing native plants that won’t require extra watering and care. It’s a little step you can take to make the home truly eco-friendly.

15. Ceiling Fans – Some of the Eco-friendly options will overlap with decorating efforts. Ceiling fans are ideal for keeping air moving and cooling a room. In the winter, they can be reversed to help warm the space.

You will have countless opportunities to make your new home more Eco-friendly. With the right considerations, your home will be far more energy-efficient, and that effectively lowers your carbon footprint without requiring any meaningful lifestyle changes. When you are building your dream home, take the time to consider an eco-friendly design and features that will make your home more functional and enjoyable.





Robert is a part-time blogger and content contributor for various Eco-friendly websites. Here he explained 15 most important tips about how to build an Eco-friendly property. 

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