10 Tips on How to Build your Wardrobe! Find the Right Clothes Easy.

Here, of course, we are not going to talk about how to literally build your wardrobe literally from wood but to build it from only the finest pieces of clothing that you will be able to combine the different pieces with ease. How to make a functional wardrobe, cute, full of comfortable clothes and full of things you like without those items that are too small or that you do not like? If you have been sick every morning while trying to find the right clothes for business or school it means that something is wrong with your wardrobe.

If you have a closet that is full of clothing, and you still have nothing to wear then you need to know that you have to work on building up your wardrobe. Every woman has a particular problem, we often buy clothes that doesn’t go with anything in our closet and that is not your style anymore. When you open your closet and have nothing to wear it can be very frustrating and it can even spoil your whole day!

10 Tips on How to Build your Wardrobe! Find the Right Clothes Easy.There is nothing worse than that feeling when you would rather go back home and change your outfit. By aligning the pieces you will create a unique style that will only be yours! If you’re looking for some tips and ideas on how to build your wardrobe, keep reading because you’ve come to the right place!

1. Start with neutral colours

When it comes to fashion, colour is great! But you must be sure to have plenty of neutral colours in your wardrobe! Neutral colours are black, brown, white, navy blue, grey and cream. With these neutrals, you can build your complete outfit and add one or two colours and you will look fantastic! Neutral colours are a great choice for your work clothes or a handbag, coat or shoes! Be sure to buy these pieces first in the neutral colours and later start shopping for other colours!

2. Your personal details

Your personal details give personality and character to your outfit completely! Plus, it helps you to easily switch from day to-night! So if you go directly from work to going out, a funky top with glitter will in no time liven up your outfit. Clothing that shows your personality is not in the base colour but it is a striking coloured jacket or a shirt with a collar or some funky vest in a base colour. Be creative!

3. Clear out your closet

Renovation and cleaning out your closet is the key to making your wardrobe reviewed and functional! Throw things that are too small, too large, or better yet, donate them! All that clothing that is worn out, out-dated or you do not like anymore replace with the clothes you like that way you will know you will wear it often.

4. Create good foundations

Any good wardrobe will have a few good neutral basics! The basic items are the things that you are usually going to wear, and which you can easily mix with other pieces in your closet! The basic clothing is a pair of good jeans, white shirt, black jeans, little black dress, neutral blazer and a cardigan. Items that must be in neutral colours are also a tight skirt, a pair of simple dresses, pants, a few striking pieces of jewelry, tote bag, a perfect coat and an evening dress. You will be glad to have these essentials pieces close at hand in the closet that will fasten your dressing up when you go to the movies, out to dinner or a cup of coffee with friends!

5. Avoid items that are trendy

Trends can be cool and fun to play with, however being able to build a wardrobe will mean knowing that spending too much money on trendy items is not necessary. One or two trendy items to mix with every now and then can be fun, but trends come and go, and you do not want to constantly have to update your wardrobe with these trends. Be in touch, but you should know the difference between stylish and trendy.

6. Check the status of your closet

If your wardrobe consists completely of jeans, t-shirts or of jackets and knee-length skirts, it seems that your wardrobe is not exactly equipped the best. The best advice on building your wardrobe is to make sure that you have a balanced selection of clothing in your closet. Specifically, it must contain all the components, starting from good dark jeans. Make sure to get a grey, black or dark blue skirt. The same goes for cotton shirts and blouses, definitely get the basic colours such as white, dark blue and black, if you love turtlenecks do the same.

7. Think about lifestyle

When you choose pieces of clothing that will be placed in the closet consider picking clothes that will fit your specific lifestyle. Where do you work, do you work at your own desk? Do you have to attend many formal events? Do you have small children or are you a very active woman? What are your social habits? These are all things to think about when buying clothes and accessories.

8. Include personality into your clothes

While things such as your job or even your lifestyle may require certain standards, remember to include some elements of your personality that reflect your own personal style. You don’t have to be someone else’s clone. Be what you are! Add personal accessories to your clothes that will show off your personality.

9. Check if everything fits

Dresses or pants that do not fit well to your body and do not flatter your figure are not a good piece of clothing to have hanging in your closet! The solution is not throwing out all the clothes you love just because it doesn’t fit, instead find a good tailor that can alter all those dresses, pants or shirts that you love but no longer look good! Altering your clothes is the best thing you can do!

10. Don’t be a slave to the fashion

No matter what you do never become a fashion victim. Wear colours that you like and that looks good on you. Do not fall in the trap of becoming a so-called “slave” to boring trends because you can look like everyone. Be different. Mix the things you love with modern things and, above all, have fun with your clothes! Fashion should mean enjoying the trends, enjoying every morning when choosing clothes and not to care too much about what you are wearing. Be your muse and an inspiration for yourself!

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