10 Eye Surgery Myths Debunked.

Eye-surgery has over the years become a necessity for many people. You may find yourself in a situation that requires you to undergo the eye-surgery process. This is the time that you are likely to undergo or hear very many myths and misconceptions from mostly the internet, social sites and from the people around you as well. Don’t fall into these fallacies, as they will end up making you lose your morale and hinder the occurrence of your eye-surgery, which, needless to say, will affect only you in the long run.

The results may be a great source of displeasure.

10 Eye Surgery Myths Debunked.This article will seek to show you some of the most popular myths, which are based on nothing but falsehoods.

1. Eye-surgery is unaffordable:

This is false! It all depends on the surgeon that you use. Most professionals are bound to use the latest technology and medical instruments at very affordable prices. You will be able to see that the prices are very reasonable considering the health state of your eyes.

2. Laser eye-surgery is too fatal:

To be honest, the chances of undergoing complications after undergoing a laser surgery are as low as 0.5%; a figure, which is, gives you quite some assurance. The medical checkups that you will have gone through before the actual eye-surgery will also determine whether your health is fitting enough to undergo the process without any dangerous aftermath effects.

3. Laser surgery is not for those over 35 years of age:

Provided there are no difficulties such as cataracts, a patient in the laser eye-surgery can be as old as even 65 years of age. Only the general health of the patient counts when considering whether you are eligible for the eye-surgery. As long as the surgeon confirms that the surgery will have no effect on you, then you’re good to go.

4. Eye-surgery does not use anesthesia:

No surgeon in his or her right minds would undertake the surgery without any anesthesia. Eye-surgery actually uses some of the most developed forms anesthesia that there is no pain is bound to be felt during the surgery what so ever. After the process, the surgeon also gives medicines that make sure the pain does not overcome you or rather disturb.

5. Laser surgery could make you go blind:

This is the exact opposite of what laser-surgery is intended for. The chances of this happening are at a mere zero; the surgery actually improves vision and treats defects.

6. There isn’t post-surgery help:

Once you’re done with the surgery, you are not on your own, as most people would say. The surgeon and consultants will give you advice whenever you require it or undergo further difficulties.

7. The surgery will make you bedridden:

At most, three days are required after you have finished the surgical process for you to have healed completely. You will be able to get back to the normal life routine of work or school within no time.

8. There’s a burning smell during the surgery:

The laser surgery has no burning effect on the eye and neither does it heat up the organ at all. The laser is after all, just cold.

9. Involuntary movement affects the process:

During the surgery, coughing, sneezing or any other involuntary activity will not affect the eye whatsoever. The technology used by surgeons is so advanced that the movements do not affect the region at all.

10. The whole process is too risky to undertake:

Eye-surgery is one of the safest medical processes that are there. With the right guidance and consultation, the results are brilliant and you will be left wondering why you were worried in the first place.

Do not hesitate to undergo eye-surgery if you consider it necessary for your eyes, find the right surgeon and go about the process as smoothly as possible. You will most certainly not regret.





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